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Clean vs Natural vs Vegan

These terms are confusing and we don’t want to be confusing! So what we have done because we feel as though the consumers understand is that we have.

Formulated very technological, high performing products that are SEPHORA CLEAN STANDARD or BETTER YET, CREDO STANDARD..

 They have vetted ingredients that may harm your health - and we will stay away from those toxic ingredients. And instead focus on health inside and out.Vegan means there is no animal derivatives. This is much much more objective. You either have animal derivatives or not. Our formulas DO NOT have animal derivitives and so are Vegan

100% handmade soap bar

 Sustainable vs Chemical

Sustainable is also a subjective claim right now. There are certain natural ingredients that are not sustainable like RSPO - Palm. We do not use ingredient. We do use chemicals but all chemicals aren’t all bad. Think xx. In Fact, some chemicals are more sustainable than

Yes - all our products are cruelty free. We are a vegan brand and respect animal welfare.

Packaging is the hardest part. Plastics, as you know, are a huge issue contributing to climate change. For that, we use on recycable & post recycable material. Honestly, that still isn’t good enough. How many of you recycle your mascaras? Ok, we’ll make it easy for you - and do it for you. Send us your empty mascara (you pay), and we’ll send you a free one back.

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