About Us

Kate, a personal care product developer of natural and “clean” formulas, teamed up with Dominique, a Dutch former pro athlete, co-founder of a multi-sports academy in Florida, USA, and co-founder of Tennis on Demand.

Kate, a noted product developer, after 20 years - she had founded Babo Botanicals, a natural skincare baby and kids line, and sold Babo a few years ago to a new owner. “I see a rising generation with new skincare and cosmetic needs. Products that fit our active lifestyle are clean, healthy but simple, seamless, and sporty."

Her son, a competitive athlete, attended the sports academy in Florida. Courtside, Kate and Dominique discussed the need for a brand created with a modern, sporty focus - a need for active lifestyle products embodying brand values of the integrity of healthy ingredients that deliver performance and effectiveness in all conditions. It's time to embrace a women's powerful, active, modern lifestyle.

Our Mission

The woman’s body is a sacred vessel. We, as a brand, founded by women, will dedicate ourselves to the key issues of:

- Mental Health
- The Right To Choose

You may ask, how does the active lifestyle makeup we are developing help mental health? We approach that task by providing products that enhance movement - biking, hiking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, basketball, surfing, or even when you go to the gym. From daily 10,000-step outdoor walking to competitive running and multi sport events. Whatever the movement, we have products that enhance those experiences. If you focus on your outfits and gear, so why not make up your face with clean modern sports and fashion products, Look great and feel fantastic pre and post one’s activity and active day! Let’s express ourselves and do what makes us feel good.  

Our Core Values

  • Health is Wealth. We are here to promote a more active lifestyle. We have all been on zoom way too much. Now it’s time to move.
  • Be proactive for positive change. Smile a lot. We know being around a happy person makes others happy. Pick up trash when you see it. Care for the environment and the people in it.
  • Be genuine. We will be. We will give you full transparency and kindness from us.Be an Example. Leading through consistent positive action and pulling people up the ladder rather than pushing them down.
  • Respect a woman’s body. All women. All bodies. Respect the right to choose what a woman should be able to do with her body.
  • Family always comes first.